Zesty Cheesecake – Part 2

This one’s another variation to the cheesecake recipe I had posted earlier. Its equally delicious and super easy to make.

Recipe Contributor: Palak Relia

Paneer, also traditionally called Chenna and can be made at home. It’s one of the main ingredients for this recipe.

How to make Chenna:

  • Boil milk and when it starts to rise squeeze in a lemon or curd to curdle the milk
  • Continue to boil the milk till it curdles completely
  • The Chenna will be floating over a sea blue whey (store the whey, its excellent for protein shakes)

How to make the cheesecake:

  • Strain the chenna thoroughly
  • Boil in a little water, de-seed oranges with their pith (white stringy stuff) removed
  • Add Mishri (good for coughing babies) if required
  • Pulse it
  • Add a squeeze of lime ONLY after pulsing & the concoction has cooled
  • Mix it all well with a spoon
  • Create a crushed biscuit base with either crushed cereal or digestive biscuits in a bowl
  • Pour the mix on top of the base and refrigerate it till it sets
  • Serve cold


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