T’s soul food & Wheatgerm

T buddy was ill all of last week. Seems like he caught the nasty flu bug while we were having our family weekend out at Lonavala. As with any child running a 101 fever and upwards, T didn’t seem to want anything to eat & I was really pushed to think of food he might take interest in, even if it were just a few spoonfuls.

So what worked was going back to basics, fruit purées and for some reason Raagi cooked in a little water and milk. He didn’t seem to care for any soups, khichadi or daals. I figured that since he didn’t seem to find the regular food palatable, he was naturally meandering towards food that was sweet.

I also chanced upon a miracle ingredient – Wheatgerm!

A little about wheatgerm: Apparently Wheatgerm packs a serious nutritional punch. Rich in iron, vitamin B, folic acid and vitamin E all of which are key nutrients that a child needs to grow healthy and strong. It’s supposed to be excellent for immunity too!

Not only has it sustained him well but it’s also kept his bowels moving.

So these were my options for his mini meals:

  1. Applesauce
  2. Red pumpkin purée
  3. Raagi kheer (mildly sweet)
  4. Raagi cooked in milk & water with an egg yolk (mildly sweet)

I sprinkle 1.5 teaspoons of wheatgerm in a single meal only (thats once a day).

Since he’s been eating only two meals a day I usually feed him the same item both times. However, with the Raagi and egg combo, I don’t repeat the egg the second time around.

So with a little food, enough hydration and ample of TLC, T is slowly coming back to his clown self entertaining us in small energetic bursts!

PS: Whether you are using Toasted or Natural, store your Wheat Germ in the refrigerator. Untoasted wheat germ may go rancid very quickly and then it will be unhealthy to eat.


6 thoughts on “T’s soul food & Wheatgerm

  1. Hey Nameeta,

    This is Moushmi from AVM. Loving reading your blog.. Three cheers!

    Hey quick question.. How do you prepare the Ragi kheer? My daughter Alishka loves Ragi. I make it in milk. Just wanted to check how different the Ragi kheer is.

    Keep the lovely recipes and tips coming in :)


    • Hey Moushmi! What a pleasant surprise!

      Thank you for your appreciation, happy to know you’re following the blog :)

      This is how I make the Raagi Kheer:

      Roast the Raagi flour (sprouted Raagi flour is better) in Ghee. Once done, Add water and bring it to a boil (cover the container). However, you may want to keep stirring it from time to time to make sure the bottom doesn’t stick and get burnt. Also, Keep whisking it to prevent it from going ‘Gluggy’.

      When it starts to thicken up, add milk till you attain the desired consistency, don’t forget to keep whisking!

      Add in the sugar and thats it. :)

      Can be served warm or cool.

      I hope Alishka likes it! Much love to both of you! xxx

      • Super! Thank you so much!

        Hey the Ragi flour is the Nachni Sattva thingy one gets in the market? Where did you get the Ragi flour from? Local kirana store?

      • Hey Moushmi,

        Sorry I haven’t heard of Nachni Sattva, but I am presuming that must be it.

        I got mine from Natures Basket. It should be available at any supermarket too that stocks up organic stuff.

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