Juicy Rajgira Teethers

Yet again this weekend T gets to enjoy his other grandparent’s awesome company. With a free hand to do anything I mean anything he pleases, he sure is having a whale of a time! This time around his Pati (grandma) made delicious juicy teethers for him.

I’ve been looking for the perfect ‘chewy’ teething biscuit recipe for a while now and Amma’s recipe was bang on the money. once prepared the mix could easily be cut into fun shapes. This time the hero ingredient is Rajgira, a popular puffed cereal with which chikkis and ladoos are made in many Indian households.



Ripe Bananas

Home made strawberry preserve

Note: One can use absolutely any fruit purée, single or in combination for these yummies



Cornstarch (if required)



Combine the banana and strawberry preserve and pulse to a purée

In a wok melt the jaggery to a sticky consistency un till the raw smell is gone

Add in the puréed fruit to the jaggery and turn off the gas. At this stage one can add in some corn starch if the mix isn’t thickening up to expectation

Combine the mix well

In a greased aluminium container or a plate with high edges pour out the mix

Flatten and cut into fun shapes

Pop it in the fridge for it to set thicker if required

Store in an airtight container

These will stay good only for a few days so don’t let them linger too long!

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