Save your Greens, Go Blanching!












In my excitement and quest to serve up veggies to T, I often end up over ordering just to realise a while later that ummm…. they’ve started to wilt. Especially true for Broccoli, Spinach, Methi & Mushrooms. So I’ve started blanching and freezing the veg (a weeks supply at a time), an age old trick (wish I had thought of it earlier!) It helps seal in the nutrition and when I serve it up the food looks so fresh! I simply love it.

It’s really easy and this is how it’s done:

Boil water, dunk the veg in and keep it there for a few minutes, remove and re-dunk into ice cold water. Strain and store away in the freezer in zip lock bags. Use bits of it as and when required for soups, omelettes, khichadi etc.

PS: squeeze lime over the mushrooms while boiling, the juice will keep them from browning.


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