Banana Cream Crumble

I always seem to have a stock of ripe Bananas!! I can understand that buying a dozen at a go may leave me with a couple of over done ones but somehow it’s a persistent problem irrespective of the quantity I buy. Yes yes, I know it’s not the fruit’s fault we just need to finish them faster OR I could just blame it on the heat wave! ;)

Today I found the yummiest way of using up the ripe ones with the ‘Banana Cream Crumble’. it’s easy to make and so so gorgeous!

Also, did you know that over ripe bananas have higher antioxidant levels? Which means prevention or delay of some types of cell damage and lower risk of contracting certain diseases. Plus overdone bananas means no need to add any sugar.

If you have a banana loving toddler he/she is going to DIG this one! Mine did for sure. :)





1 Cup banana purée

2 Cups Custard

{Custard to banana purée ratio is 2:1}

Vanilla bean powder or essence

Glucose or digestive biscuits for base

Melted butter


For the banana cream, prepare the custard and once cool, add the banana purée to it. Add a sprinkle of the vanilla bean powder while making the purée. For the custard, I’ve used the instant kind though you could also make your own

Crush the biscuits fine and add melted butter to it. Create a firm base by pressing down the mixture in the desired serving bowl

Pour the banana cream over the top and finish off with desiccated coconut

Refrigerate it and serve when cool

PS: The custard needs to be thick and not runny.

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