Bounty Popsicles

Clearly I am in love with making popsicles! If you are a big fan of Bounty then you are going to love this one. I came across the original coconut cream popsicle recipe on Smilemonsters, a lovely mum-run blog packed with craft ideas and recipes. Since I love the combination of chocolate and coconut I spun my own take on it.

Coconut milk supposedly has wonderful health benefits. Amongst many the one that caught my attention was that it’s said to be a rich source of  lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that is abundant in mother’s milk. 5 gold stars just for that one.






  • Drinking chocolate
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Coconut milk
  • Food colour
  • Lolly moulds


  • Make a small amount of drinking chocolate for the first layer and pour into the lolly mould, let it freeze
  • Prepare the next layer with sugar and coconut milk (white) and pour over the chocolate layer, let that set
  • Set aside a small amount of the sweetened coconut milk and add a drop of food colour to it. Pour over the white layer, let it set
  • Finally once the blue lair sets, pour the remaining coconut milk (white) and let it all harden out


  • Pour the layers ONLY when the one underneath is set or else the colours will bleed into each other like they did for me since I got too impatient too soon!
  • Also you could insert the candy stick when the white layer is semi formed so that it holds its place.





4 thoughts on “Bounty Popsicles

  1. Hey.. yumm..we are all BIIG fans of bounty.. Too much to try once we reach Pune;) ;) maybe u guys cud drive down and give us a demo ??? :)

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