Lemongrass Infused Zesty Pops

The good news is that we have one solid tooth out! My little T is no longer my gummy bear. So, on the one hand we’re all celebrating the solo pearly white’s appearance, but on the other I am looking for ways to soothe his ultra puffy gums. It seems like most of his teeth are going to sprout at the same time. Having said that, he seems to enjoy the relief of all things cold. From cold curd to water, popsicles to even gnawing at a chilled teether and these zesty pops are one of the few things helping him battle the bane of teething!


Nimbu (lime) Pani (water) is a household summer thirst quencher found in most Indian homes. The basic recipe involves lime juice, water, sugar and a pinch of salt. For intense flavour one can add in slices of lime and some dried ground ginger.

Nimbus are a fantastic source of vitamin C and have immune boosting properties and lemongrass is known to bring down fever. Though never give a baby a leaf of lemon grass to chew on directly, Its very fibrous and stringy. I’ve used it to merely flavour the pops.

For these baby friendly zesty pops,

Here’s what you need:

  • Juice of one ripe sweet lime un-strained, I would hate to let the fibre of the fruit go to waste
  • Neembu Pani, made with lime juice, water, a little sugar and a pinch of salt
  • Lime zest
  • A few leaves of lemongrass, only for infusion


  • Prepare the Nimbu Pani and add a few Lemongrass leaves to the water and let it rest until the sweet lime layer freezes add a little lime zest to it too
  • To the popsicle mould (I’ve used a disposable cup) pour the sweet lime juice and set to freeze.
  • Once set, pour the infused Nimbu Pani layer on top. Use the leaves line the mould.
  • Stick the popsicle stick in once it starts to set a little.
  • Peel off the cup and enjoy once done!


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