Jamun Yoghurt Pops

Jamun / Jambul / Java Plum is a lovely violet coloured fruit predominantly found in the Indian subcontinent and South east Asia. It’s tart, very tart! I consider it a fruit of acquired taste. You either love it or hate it, I don’t think one can ever be just okay with it! I for one dislike it, the tartness contorts my mouth like one of those ‘Photo Booth’ app filters!! Though Rajiv and ‘T’ seem to LOVE the fruit! So this last popsicle recipe of the season is for them and all the other Jamun lovers!


Jamun also has wonderful health benefits like it cleanses the system, stimulates the liver and relieves bladder problems. It also helps in reducing nausea. Though Jamun does come with a disclaimer, it is said that one should not consume the fruit on an empty stomach as it causes flatulence, and I definitely won’t go down that road with ‘T’. So I chose to give these to him as an ‘after meal’ treat.



  • A handful of Jamuns pounded to a pulp
  • Thick yoghurt
  • Sugar
  • Disposable cups and popsicle sticks

Note: I chose to add sugar to cut the tartness of the fruit and the yoghurt


  • Layer it up in a disposable cup alternating between yoghurt and fruit pulp (do not blend the two), Since the yoghurt is thick the two won’t dissolve. In fact the fruit pulp ‘bleeds’ into the white yoghurt and it looks absolutely stunning!
  • Insert the stick after an hour or so of popping the dessert into the freezer
  • Once set, tear away the cup and lap it up!

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