Sweet Potato & Mixed Nuts Patty

We’ve been here a good 15 days and ‘T’ is enjoying his food exploration! There’s been loads of food new food from crisp nectarines, blueberries & green apples to a different variety of sweet potato (apparently there are several varieties of these) and cheeses.

Back at home I’ve only seen the purple ones which are equally yummy. The ones that I picked up here are apparently called Beauregard, a widely grown commercial variety thats lends itself well to baking, mashing, frying or boiling.

Sweet potatoes I know are a very good source of fibre and anti oxidants, that apart they pack in a punch with vitamin B6 – which helps in brain development during pregnancy and infancy as well as immune function. Vitamin C – helps in protecting cells from damage & Vitamin E – which we all know does wonders for our skin and hair.

So I put this quick patty mix together with sweet potatoes and mixed nuts to make a super healthy snack for their (‘T’ & my adorable niece Netra) 5 pm hunger pang. It’s easy and the naturally sweet, sweet potato eliminates any need for sugar or seasoning (apart from cinnamon) and the nuts give it a texture that these babies seem to enjoy. One can put this recipe with any kind of sweet potato. ‘T’ quite loved eating these by himself. The little guy is learning some neat spoon and fork skills from his older sister.

photo 4


Sweet Potato

Mixed nuts, I’ve used cashews and pecan halves

Cinnamon powder

Butter for pan frying

photo 5


Boil the sweet potatoes with the skin. Peel and mash

Pulse the nuts to a coarse powder

Mix the two together with a pinch of cinnamon powder and make small patties out of it

Pan fry in a little butter

Serve warm


PS: These would make a great filling breakfast too!

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