The 7 Healthy Chips Week, Day 06: Sweet Potato Shreds

These thin shreds are super crunchy and yum! The smacking tang from the chaat masala went very well with the inherent sweetness of the sweet potato making it impossible for either T or us to stop at just a few.

Chaat masala is a mix of spices found in the Indian subcontinent. It typically consists of amchoor (dry mango powder), cumin, coriander, dried ginger, salt, black pepper, asafoetida and chili powder. We sprinkle this magic mix on almost anything when we need a burt of flavour to our dish.



  • 1 Sweet Potato large, Shredded
  • 1 Teaspoon Olive oil
  • A sprinkle of ‘Chaat’ masala




  • Scrub the sweet potato clean under water
  • Dry it well with a kitchen towel
  • Shred with the skin on
  • Rub the seasoning and olive oil onto the strips
  • Pop into the oven for about 10 – 15 mins on 200C
  • Toss them around once to avoid burning
  • Remove from oven once they have started to crisp and let them rest

Note: Please keep a watch, for they burn easy

4 thoughts on “The 7 Healthy Chips Week, Day 06: Sweet Potato Shreds

  1. Hi Nams,
    Great recipes, gonna try them soon.
    Cud u please also mention the settings/timings for making the dishes in microwave, i have a conection n grill one.

    • Hey Sameera, Thank you for your appreciation.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t ever made these in a microwave. However, if I do figure the settings out, I’ll be sure to ping you. :)


  2. Can’t wait to try these for Baby D! She’s about to turn 9 months. I hope she likes them if not I’m sure I’ll gobble them in a minute :D

    • Sorry for the super late response, blame it on the second time mommy life… :P Good to know you tried them. How’d they turn out? Did baby D like ’em?

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