Update – Back after a break!

Hey guys! so the reason I haven’t been able to post anything for the last couple of weeks is because I literally (well almost) went media free. My amazing in-laws and husband insisted that I should take the vacation I’ve always dreamed of taking to visit my dear friend from uni in Greece. This meant I’d have to leave T behind for a bit. Plus him being so close to his grandparents really helped me decide.

Once hubby dearest joined me, we did everything from traveling like tourists to living it real local. It helped oodles that my super talented jeweller friend, Calliopi and her family embraced us like their own and welcomed us with warm hearts.


She helped me pick some dried flowers and herbs like camomile, rose and lavender for me to make some herbal teas and fragranced oils (I will post those for sure) And introduced me to ‘Trehana’, a traditional Greek soup she’d prepare for her toddler. Trehanna is something I am going to make for T and I hope he likes it. I will make a post entry on that too pretty soon.


Also, I was gifted some pretty awesome stuff. Since her family knows of my love affair with my blog they very generously gifted me a gorgeous printed three knives set. Nothing like adding some drama to my kitchen! Plus Calliopi makes stunning jewellery which I was so fortunate to be gifted tons of. I highly recommend for those who are interested in buying gorgeous handmade jewellery with Greek roots to check her page out on Etsy – CalliopiArt. Or http://calliopi.gr


This trip has been one I will always cherish and I am blessed to have family and friends who back me up and embrace me the way they do.

Needless to say my worries about T having forgotten his mamma were put to rest when I was greeted with loads of warm hugs and kisses.




2 thoughts on “Update – Back after a break!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Well I tried my level best to go media free. Though I wouldn’t say I was a 100% there.
      Visiting your blog right away.
      Good luck with your trip. :)

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