DIY – Tomatoes and Cherries Toddler Salad

To much of my satisfaction my little Tilly is showing signs of enjoying “hands-on” involvement in the matters of the kitchen. I’ve also realised how much more interested, involved and less fussy your toddler can be when he’s helping you out.

Therefore, I’ve been ‘doing’ a lot more with my boy as opposed to just making things for him and serving them up.

This one’s literally child’s play. It’s a super easy ‘put it together’ kinda salad. T’s very first time in the kitchen. No more pretend play, this was real and it was so much fun!

And guess what? the salad turned out super yummy too!



Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 tomato chopped or halved cherry tomatoes
  • A handful of cherries, cut and seeds removed
  • A pinch of your favourite seasoning mix
  • A wedge of lime

Combine the tomatoes and cherries in a bowl, sprinkle the seasoning mix, squeeze the lime and have beautiful toddler hands mix it all up. Serve immediately!

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