Happy Announcements and More

I’ve been MIA for a while now and all with good reason. On the 12th of this month we welcomed our second baby, Tara. An adorable little girl this time. Now that I am well past the challenges of my pregnancy sickness I am excited to get back to toddler and baby food blogging, not to mention for phase two of my blog.

NomNomMum is about to shift it’s focus to a situation which has become very close to our hearts and will become an integral part of how I shape my daughters food journey.

Tara was diagnosed with a complete unilateral cleft of the mouth and palate in-utero, and once we met our precious little bundle we discovered that she had in fact a bilateral cleft of the palate. This poses a lot of challenges when it comes to feeding, but she has been an absolute champ so far! I know her food journey from breast milk to solids will need to be altered to suit her condition and make it easier for her to accept flavours and textures. It will be my constant focus to help her cultivate a love for food like her brother.

Please visit my ‘We are Cleft Strong’ page of a short account of our journey so far and the ‘Cleft- Support Resources, Mumbai’ for all contact details. <3

Tara and I


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