Update Post: Baby Led Feeding

I think my last post miffed some staunch followers of BLW. So here’s an update post to clear the air out a bit.

I fully comprehend that traditionally, baby led weaning would involve amongst other things, no purées or mashes, no feeders and gadgets, food straight off the table with the family, respecting the baby’s appetite, self exploration of textures and absolute independence when it comes to “feeding oneself” right from the get go. I suppose I should have mentioned this before diving into my post.

There are times when we must “modify” traditional techniques to meet the needs of our children. After all I would think we all have one common goal, raising good eaters. In my books, modifying a technique to suit my daughters needs would be respecting her food journey.

I also very closely understand the difficulties which come along with babies who have challenges feeding owing to their Orofacial differences. In which case, how does one try to give ones baby the same experience and the joy of loving their food as they did with their first born?

One Adapts.

Sure, we aren’t textbook, but truth be told, who said we can’t be independent thinkers and think out of the box?

Therefore, on a technicality, yes! it’s not BLW by “textbook” definition, so I am just going to go ahead and call it BLF-Baby Led Feeding to rest the case. 

Lol, I think I am onto something here!

Thank you for reading.
PS: For ones who are open to have a balanced look at weaning in general here is an interesting read: 


And here is something from Rapley herself. 





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