Growing micro greens at home

I’ve been gardening in our little home balcony with my children loitering around me ever since they were toddlers. Growing up, I have fond memories of the same with my mum and I certainly give her credit for my love for plants.

Both Trilok and Tara get enough ‘soil time’ and they both quite enjoy sowing seeds, watering the plants and pulling out weeds from pots.

Trilok is at an age where he can now appreciate raw food. Salads are a joy especially if they’re made with a honey mustard vinaigrette.

Last week I got both kids to sow and grow their own greens so that they could experience what it’s  like to grow and harvest their own food, from farm to plate as they call it. I am still unable to gauge how successful I was in getting him to really embrace the experience but even if he absorbed 10% of the process and the joy, I am happy.

Growing basic micro-greens and veg at home is a fairly simple process. Our balcony gets only an hour or so (if at all) of sunlight in May. So micro-greens do well.

So far we have grown and harvested, wheat grass, mustard greens, chives, garlic greens and grown saplings of orange, avocado, green chilies and mango this season.


Heres a quick guide on how to:

  1. Take a take away container (they’re perfect for this use) and make holes at the bottom to drain water
  2. Sprinkle potting mix or soil such that 1/2 the container is filled with the it
  3. Sprinkle the seeds e.g. mustard or try sunflower or mung even
  4. Sprits water on it every day. Careful not to over water the seeds because they will rot and die
  5. Once the springs start showing up let them grow a few inches and then trim off from the base of the stem
  6. Collect, wash, chop or use whole in salads, grill sandwiches dosas etc.




We had ours in a quick salad with mixed peppers and a basic olive oil, garlic and an ACV vinaigrette.



Happy harvest people! :) <3.


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