Breakfast Challenge – Day 0

off late I’ve been tired of trying to get my 5 and a 1/2 year old to eat his breakfast without making a fuss or a face first thing in the morning. A morning rhythm that seemed like a seamless ritual is now turing out to be quite the emotional tug of war resulting in tears and unsavory words. Sigh! why is he growing up this quick, where is my baby?!

Anyhow, since he seemed so bored and unhappy with what his mother was dishing out for breakfast I decided to give him the reigns. I asked him to design his own breakfast menu for a whole week. The only condition was that he HAD to choose a breakfast item and the other, he couldn’t repeat anything.

He was thrilled at the prospect of eating what HE WANTED TO for breakfast. He went straight to the drawing board and started scribbling away rather enthusiastically. This is when I break in cold sweat realizing I must stick to my promise and what exactly am I trying to achieve here? What’s the point of this exercise? Well, that’s just something I will have to wait to find out. 

The Breakfast list:

His breakfast list was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Not a bone in me wanted to correct those cute little errors. My challenge in this whole situation now is to convert all his choices that he considers as amazing breakfast options to what I think a healthy food choice might be  (this is in my opinion only, I am not a nutritionist or judging anyone else’s choices).


He picked the following:

Monday: Appé Pancakes. Appé or appam or uppappam is a traditional Indian snack either made savory or sweet. There are days when I use the pancake batter in the appé pan (I’ll enclose a pic in the next post), which both the kids find fascinating.

Tuesday: Waffles.

Wednesday: Cereal.

Thursday: Fruit Bowl (hahah…my saving grace this one!!)

Friday: Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Saturday: Dosa.

Sunday: Egg Mayo Sandwich.

PS: Secretly I am overjoyed that at least 3 of the 7 days have items that I will not have to alter!

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll just have to wait and watch if my little experiment helps me get rid of his morning breakfast blues OR this was just something that ended up increasing my work!

Either way it’d have provided enough content for me to cover 8 days! haha…. So please stay Tuned IN for the week for daily recipe updates.

Thanks for reading!


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