‘Eggs’travaganza Week – Monday: Ripe Banana and Raisin Pancakes

If there is one thing for sure that T has inherited from his Ajoba (grandpa), it’s his love for a good heavy breakfast. So in view of this common love the two of them share, I am dedicating this entire week of breakfast specials to my dad and to make it a bit more challenging, I am going to use an egg in every single recipe.

















I am kicking off the week on a sweet note with Ripe Banana and Raisin Pancakes




You’ll Need:

One egg yolk

Some self raising flour

One small ripe banana

Some raisins

A pinch of cinnamon powder

A drop of vanilla essence

Butter for pan frying



Mix it all up to a smooth batter and pour out on a hot pan. Make as you would an Uthappa only don’t spread it around with the ladle. Just drop a scoopful of the batter and let it cook through. Flip over. Serve warm