Fresh Fruit Crumble: Instant Gratification for the hungry toddler

I think most mums will concur that there are times when your toddler is so hungry he can hardly wait for you to fix him/her a snack, and when mine gets like that I have a 5 minute window to quickly get him something to eat.

Fruit has always topped my list of snacks for him. Recently, I’ve started mixing up fresh fruit with some warm pear purée or apple sauce or date paste. All the puréed stuff I already have frozen and ready to go if and when needed. Also, now that he understands what he is eating he likes to fix himself the snack so, I just place the ingredients out and he mixes them up. Fun times for the lil chef!

This snack has been our latest favorite. He loves the fresh fruit crumble. I call it the “faux apple crumble” :) It’s super easy to make and it’s delicious!


Here’s what you will need

  1. Cubed fruit of your choice
  2. Two digestive biscuits coarse crumbled
  3. Date paste
  4. Fruit purée of your choice

Here’s what you will need

Layer up the ingredients the way you or your toddler would like and attack!


No Bake Strawberry Crumble

I love making this version of fruit crumbles. I don’t need to bake them and I can easily make the fruit sauce layer over the stove top. T absolutely loves these as much as we do.

The recipe consists essentially of three layers: The bottom biscuit crumble layer, the middle jam layer & the whipped cream top layer.


For the bottom base layer you will need: 

  • Digestive or glucose biscuits
  • Melted ghee or butter
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of sugar
  1. Make a semi fine crumble out of the biscuits. Let some small chunky bits remain. Mix the salt and sugar and the melted ghee to this
  2. Take a transparent serving bowl (only because it looks so pretty) and press the biscuit mix to the base
  3. Set aside

For the middle Jam layer:

  • Strawberries
  • Sugar

Please refer to my previous post on the Pectin Free Strawberry Jam. However you need not make the jam too thick. You can bring it to the boil and cook it until it only just slightly thickens.

Let the Jam cool before pouring it onto the biscuit layer. Once you have poured it on top of the biscuit layer, pop it in the refrigerator to further cool.

Tip: To add some body to the jam you could add an apple or even a pear to the strawberries

For the top whipped cream layer:

  • Whipping cream (heavy or light)
  • Icing sugar
  • Vanilla essence or paste

Whip the cream adding the icing sugar and the vanilla paste. Do not over whip, for the cream can split. Stop whipping when you are able to make medium peaks.

Once the strawberry jam layer has completely cooled down, top it off with the whipped cream and pop it in the fridge until you are ready to eat it!!

Please note: I have not given portions since the quantity of ingredients you use will depend on the serving bowl as well as how thick or thin you want to go with each layer.