Video: A Quick Fix When Pressed For Time

There were occasions when I was hard pressed for time and T wasn’t old enough to eat what we ate, so I’d have to think on my toes and offer him something that was in equal measure yummy and healthy.

So here’s a video of a fruit purée that I would quickly throw in together for him. I’ve used strawberries and bananas, but it works just as well with mangoes, musk or honey melons or any sweet fleshy fruit your baby likes.

Thank you for tuning in and hope you like it.

Strawberry Lolly

Although its winter, we’re living in a city thats too humid for a cold wave, which only means I can give T some homemade fruit lollies whenever I want!

I love it, he loves it & we all love it!

Fruit lollies are very simple to make. Just blend in one fruit or a combination; pour the mix into moulds and freeze! For these I boiled the berries to cut the acidity and then froze the paste.

Here are a few combinations:

Strawberry + Banana

Kiwi + Coconut milk

Mango + Banana

Strawberry + Peach