Mango Cheela

I just HAD to make this mango inclusive breakfast for T since this baby eats mangoes like they are going out of style. No, seriously he’s obsessively in love with the fruit. He can de-flesh the stone with his bare gums even before you’ve had a chance to relish your first mouthful.

Here’s proving my point:


Cheelas are traditional Indian savoury pancakes made from a single flour (rice, ragi, daal etc.) or a combination of flours. The batter of the flour with milk/water is then mixed with veggies (grated/finely chopped) and pan fried until cooked. These could be made thick or thin, crisp or soft it all depends on your personal preference.

Mango the ‘King of fruits’ is packed with nutritional benefits. It’s an excellent source of vitamin-A, vitamin-E and vitamin CVitamin-C especially is known to help the body develop resistance against infectious agents and mums, don’t we know the importance of a strong immune system?! ;)

Thanks to the lovely suggestion from a dear friend of mine I am going to try and add in a little info on the nutritional value of the dishes I put up. After all we love to know what goes in to our little munchkins’ systems. :)


Here’s the recipe:

  • 1/4 cup rice flour
  • 1/2 a mango pulped
  • less an 1/4th cup of milk or you could add as much or as less milk as you please, depending on the thickness of the cheela you intend to make
  • Ghee for pan frying

Mix the rice flour, mango pulp and milk and make into a smooth batter. Pour onto the hot pan with ghee and cook until golden brown. Serve warm.