Back to basics the second time around!

So, with Tara having recovered well post op, I am back to basics with her. I must admit though, some of my ideals about “the right weaning food” have been mercilessly thrown out of the window thanks to her. The beauty of second time parenting is that sometimes you re-learn things and then you look back at your first, chuckle and say “poor kid” as you finally slacken your rules. :)

This time around I discovered the joys of cereals and I don’t mean just the rice and daal variety, I mean water chestnut, fox millet, makhana, virtually anything that can be roasted and ground to a powder. There are a number of permutations and combinations one can indulge in or keep a premix combining a few. It all stores rather well in the fridge.



Heres a list of cereals one can easily make at home (conventional ones included)

  1. White rice (I love Ambe Mohar)
  2. Brown rice
  3. Moong daal
  4. Masoor daal
  5. Raagi
  6. Amaranth (Raajgira)
  7. Quinoa – (A dear friends suggestion)
  8. Makhana
  9. Finger Millet
  10. Fox Millet
  11. Water chestnut atta (Mine and Taras fav!)
  12. Wheat atta

Heres what you can do:

Wash the grains then roast and mill to a fine consistency and store in an airtight container.

For the powders/attas: Simply roast and store away in the fridge.


Take desired spoonfuls and add milk, breastmilk or water and cook on slow flame until it reaches the consistency of a pasty porridge. One can adjust the consistency by adding more liquid to it.


This time around I am not so fussy about sugar, I use raw organic sugar for the cereal unless I am using breastmilk. One can even use date paste.



Fresh Fruit Crumble: Instant Gratification for the hungry toddler

I think most mums will concur that there are times when your toddler is so hungry he can hardly wait for you to fix him/her a snack, and when mine gets like that I have a 5 minute window to quickly get him something to eat.

Fruit has always topped my list of snacks for him. Recently, I’ve started mixing up fresh fruit with some warm pear purée or apple sauce or date paste. All the puréed stuff I already have frozen and ready to go if and when needed. Also, now that he understands what he is eating he likes to fix himself the snack so, I just place the ingredients out and he mixes them up. Fun times for the lil chef!

This snack has been our latest favorite. He loves the fresh fruit crumble. I call it the “faux apple crumble” :) It’s super easy to make and it’s delicious!


Here’s what you will need

  1. Cubed fruit of your choice
  2. Two digestive biscuits coarse crumbled
  3. Date paste
  4. Fruit purée of your choice

Here’s what you will need

Layer up the ingredients the way you or your toddler would like and attack!