Video: Easy Dips

Two dips that T and his friends loved on his first birthday. Both had no added sugars and were naturally sweet. A hit with the teething babies and adults alike and a great accompaniment with any finger food. I served these with finger millet (Ragi) chips and bite sized croutons.

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Banana Cream Crumble Pops

Oh I couldn’t resist myself I just HAD to get these popsicles going especially since I had a little Banana Cream remaining from yesterday. These Popsicles are super easy to make. Just layer up the dessert in the sequence you’d like and pop them in the freezer. The new chocolate layer you see is nothing but Boost. Oh and since T is on the verge of cutting his first tooth he’s devouring these!

PS: Wait till the bottom layer sets before pouring on the next. So these could take a while to set but they’re well worth the effort.