Superfood Toddler Brekkie!

This one is SO simple I cannot believe I did not think of combining these two super foods together for Trilok earlier. Sometimes the obvious is just right there staring back at me and I blissfully avoid it. Thankfully not anymore, not for these two at least.

Avocado and Eggs. Combining them is not rocket science and there could be so many different ways of doing it. I’ve picked the easiest for this quick fix breakfast recipe.

Avocado and Eggs Scramble



  • A wedge of fresh ripe Avocado, cut and coarsely mashed
  • One egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • Olive oil


  • Coarse mash the avocado and beat the egg and milk into the mash
  • Make scrambled eggs as you would normally do
  • Season with salt and pepper and serve warm
  • Garnish with cheese (optional)

Eggless French Toast

It’s been a few days since we got home from our holiday and the good news is that baby ‘T’ dealt really well with the jet lag in comparison to his parents.

The morning we got back I had a few provisions in store thanks to my awesome in-laws thought I totally forgot to ask for eggs, T’s main breakfast item. I was too spent to go down and get some and it was far too early in the morning to order in any. So I made this version of french toast sans the eggs. It was quick and easy. ‘T’ ate it with no fuss at all and I was free to go about doing my chores thereafter.

This actually is a good alternative for when we’re out of eggs, next time I won’t sweat! :)



2 tbsp Rice flour & 1 tbsp Besan (Gram flour)

1/2 tsp Powdered Sugar

Milk approx. quantity (to make a runny batter)



Whisk in the flours and sugar with the milk and make a runny batter

Soak a slice of bread

Pan fry in butter as you would a french toast

Pour extra batter on bread from the top if required

Cook till golden brown